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Name:Bob Bryar Collected
Website:bryar_collected @ delicious
Posting Access:All Members
Bryar Collected: Bob Bryar in pictures, fic, fanart, videos, etc.


Before posting to this community please read the following:

- Posts must be about Bob Bryar! Or Bob and other people, but Bob-centric.

- Things that can be posted here: Bob fic, fan art, icons & graphics, news, linkspams, videos, interviews and picspams. You may also post a link here to your own DW/LJ/IJ/etc post.

- Please use DW cuts for art, icons & graphics, pictures, videos, fic and long linkspams.

- See this post for posting guidelines for fic and art.

- Please Dreamwidth-IM [personal profile] mahoni for permission before advertising your own community here.


Mirrors bryar_collected at LJ.


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